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How to Change Titles and Descriptions Fast YOAST SEO Tools Bulk Editor.
Its a great element to test. For example, if youre not receiving many clicks on your blog post, you may want to experiment by making the title and description more enticing. You could add some sales copy that triggers your target market. Second, you might want to update it if you included a previous year in the title. Time to update the year to make it look current and update your content. So How do I quickly change my Meta Titles and Descriptions? Allow me to introduce you to a free solution. If you have the famous free YOAST SEO plugin, you already have this META tag tool.
How to Install Yoast SEO Premium Plugin? - WebNots.
Step#4 - Activate Your Subscription. Step#5 - Download Premium Version. Step#6 - Install Yoast SEO Premium Plugin. Step#7 - Test Your Site. Yoast SEO Premium Plugin Features. Many argue Yoast SEO premium version does not worth the price. However, you have to think in a legitimate way. The developer offers most important features free. You can upgrade to premium version to get few additional features and as a matter of gratitude. We use the free version for more than six years and decided to purchase premium version only as a gesture of thanking the developer. Here are some of the features you will get with Yoast SEO premium. Access to Yoast SEO Academy. Internal link suggestion tool. Table of content and related article blocks. Multiple focus keyword analysis with synonyms. Preview of posts in Twitter and Facebook. Find orphaned articles that do not have any internal links. Integration with Zapier. It will cost you $89 and you can get with 20 to 30 discount deal during special occasions like Black Friday.
Help in using SEO Plugins: SEO Ultimate And Yoast SEO Plugin - WordPress Development Stack Exchange.
I've' deleted my previous question as it was migrated from Prowebmaster to WordPress section, and hence it was deep down somewhere. I'm' in a quandary about using SEO Plugin for my WordPress site. Here's' the thing: I was a happy camper with the Yoast SEO Plugin but because I couldn't' edit Meta Description in bulk, I reached out for help in this forum.
SEO Advice: How To Use Yoast SEO To Rank Higher in SERPs Bluehost Resource Center.
Yoast SEO simplifies it for you by identifying all the readability issues through its algorithm. You can see the problems by opening the Readability tab in the Yoast SEO meta box. Add SEO Title and Meta Description. Theres no easy way to add SEO title and meta description to a post without a WordPress plugin. With Yoast SEO, you can add it in seconds through the SEO tab in the meta box. Type in the SEO title and Meta description text boxes, and you will have your search snippet preview - the result you see in the search engines results - ready. Add Internal Links. Internal links inform search engines about the structure of your website - which posts are related and which pages are important. You should, therefore, link to related posts while writing a post. Still, adding links manually does take time and effort. In contrast, you can use Yoasts premium plugin that offers internal linking suggestions as you write your article. Slug identifies the location of a page on your website in an easy-to-read form.
How To Use Yoast SEO Meta Tags - Your Free Guide.
Questions About Yoast SEO Meta Tags Answered - A Mini FAQ. 1- Is it Important to Add SEO Meta Tags in My Yoast SEO With Every Blog Post That I Publish? 2- Where are Meta Keywords in Yoast? 3- Why Dont My SEO Title and Meta Description Show in Googles SERPS?
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They recommended me to go to that directory public_html/wp-content/plugins and then to delete the wordpress-seo folder Yoast SEO in my case in the cPanel file manager. Once done, go back to WP Dashboard Plugins Look for Yoast SEO Install Set it up.
Wordpress SEO Checklist: 20 Tips to Improve Your Rankings.
A common image issue is using onethat is much larger than the size than the image will actuallydisplay at - this is a sign that the image was notoptimized. The good news is that you can quickly optimize your WordPress sites entire media library, as well as all future images you uploadusing the Smush plugin. Noindex Tag Pages Other Low-value Content. WordPress uses a number of different page taxonomies, including categories and tags. Categories serve a great purpose, especially when grouping content together.: Example: You launched a recipe collection, andyouwant to use categories for different cuisines. Tags are smallerand typically focused onspecific topics. Example: One recipe my tag parmesan cheese, pasta, and butter. Tags are rarely useful to users that arent already on your site. From an SEO perspective, these pages rarely offer anything of value, and you typically don't' want these pages to be indexed and send traffic from Google traffic quality is low. And the same applies to media pages and other post formats that WordPress uses. Usually, you dont want these to be indexed by Google and, you can add 'noindex' tags straight within Yoast.
How to Add WordPress Meta Description, Meta Title, and Focus Keyphrase.
Alternatively, you can use the Insert variable function to include such variables as site title, title, primary category, and separator. This way, Yoast SEO will generate a meta title according to the arrangement of these variables. Finally, see how your meta title snippet appears in the Google Preview section. Meta Description in Posts and Pages. To write a meta description using Yoast SEO, navigate to the list of all posts or pages and select the blog post or page you want to work on.
Sites Manager in MyYoast Yoast.
Yoast SEO and Yoast SEO Premium contain different code and thus upgrading from the free plugin requires installing Yoast SEO Premium as an addon to the free version. Our installation guide will walk you through the upgrade process. Add a Site in MyYoast and Connect Subscription.

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